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Welcome to Rigging-It-Right !


This web page is based on personal experiences working as a sales rep in the industrial rigging industry.  These experiences are based on countless hours of phone conversations with customers, vendors, as well as conversations and instances witnessed in the field.  It is simply my thoughts and is to be used as a tool to help understand rigging products better and the terminology used to acquire the correct products needed to get the job done in a safe and affective manner.  It is my goal with these entries to bridge the gap between the customer or end user and the vendor and in turn, eliminate the potential errors that occur when ordering items. 

I want to give you guys access to an informal resource, the sharing of just a little tidbit of knowledge that I've learned over the years that you might not have known - how are the products to be used, are they properly tagged?  What's the difference between a screw pin shackle, a chain shackle, and a safety bolt shackle?  What does IWRC and EIPS mean?  and so on....

Little things, maybe, but they all have the potential to make a big impact.  

It has always been a dream of mine to find an outlet to reach the customer and educate them on the products sold and their applications.  Hopefully this page and blog will help me to achieve that. 

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